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  • Research and Development


    JUST IN: DARPA Kicks Off New Outreach Strategy

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency kicked off a series of conferences that it hopes will raise its profile and attract the best and the brightest to come work for it, or participate in its programs.
  • Maritime Security


    SPECIAL REPORT: Allies Flex Muscles During RIMPAC Exercise

    BELLOWS FIELD BEACH, Hawaii — A hulking Marine Corps CH-53 Super Stallion rumbles up from behind the trees. It roars over the beach and the teal-colored sea off the eastern coast of Oahu.
  • Army News


    Army’s One World Terrain on Track for 2023 Deadline

    Key training and simulation software the Army has vowed to field by 2023 is on track for delivery, one of the contractors developing the project said in July.
  • Army News


    Army Tackles Arctic Challenges Alongside European Allies

    PARIS — After two decades of fighting wars in the Middle East and South Asia, the U.S. Army is rebuilding its capabilities for the austere conditions of the Arctic. The service is looking to its international partners as it seeks to regain its footing in the revived operational environment.
  • Air Power


    Air Force Putting Software First for Next-Gen Air Dominance (Updated)

    The Air Force already determined that the replacement for the F-22 Raptor will not be a single plane, but a portfolio of next-generation capabilities to face warfare in a contested environment.
  • Emerging Technologies


    FARNBOROUGH NEWS: New Report Urges Defense Industry to Secure Software Talent

    Looking at the bells and whistles on display at one of Europe’s largest airshows, anyone can see that software is the future of aerospace. 
  • Marine Corps News


    Marine Aviators Chart Flight Path to Modernization Goals

    The Marine Corps is overhauling its force to take on peer competitors in austere environments. A new aviation plan ensures that its aircraft — everything from fighter jets to helicopters — don’t get left behind.
  • Budget


    Congress Alarmed over Innovation Funding

    As National Defense reported in this column last month, the Defense Department’s fiscal year 2023 budget request includes significant increases in science-and-technology funding over the previous year’s request. But members indicated in a May 12 hearing that they are not satisfied with the proposed budget, which is less than what Congress ultimately authorized for 2022 spending.
  • Battlefield Communications


    Army Continues Build Up of Integrated Tactical Network

    FORT MYER, Virginia — Bullets whizzing through the air. Missiles launching through the skies. But what the Army thinks will make all the difference in warfare against technologically advanced adversaries is an invisible network that links every soldier, commander and weapon in the field.
  • Marine Corps News


    WEB EXCLUSIVE: Project Tripoli to ‘Radically’ Change Marine Corps Training

    With room running out at large combat centers such as Twentynine Palms, California, and new doctrine calling for expansive, multi-domain operations, the Marine Corps will have to radically change the way it trains, service officers said May 12.
Displaying 1-10 of 35 results