CMSP Professional Certifications

The Certified Modeling and Simulation Professional (CMSP) designation is an industry certification established by the National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA) to recognize the knowledge, skills, and expertise of modeling and simulation (M&S) professionals and promote education and experience standards. The CMSP designation includes three levels of competency: Apprentice, Practitioner, and Master.


CMSP Practitioner Level

The CMSP Practitioner level certification designates professionals who possess applied knowledge of M&S principles and practices in a variety of domains. CMSP Practitioners have the educational background and proven real-world experience to participate in a broad range of M&S activities. They understand M&S applications and their role in addressing current and future challenges in specific contexts.

The CMSP Practitioner level certification is designed for M&S professionals who have a demonstrated ability to lead technical teams, conduct short-term studies, translate project requirements into model contexts, and coordinate with subject matter experts and key stakeholders to advance specific M&S project objectives.

Practitioner Education and Work Experience Requirements

Associate Degree and Eleven Years of Work Experience
Bachelor’s Degree and Nine Years of Work Experience
Master’s Degree and Six Years of Work Experience
Doctorate and Four Years of Work Experience


M&S Professional Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities at the Practitioner level

  • Proven practical proficiency and competency in several major areas of M&S design, development, and application.
  • Ability to conduct M&S studies, experiments, and projects to analyze, visualize and interpret data.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of M&S risk assessment techniques and/or systems acquisition risk management experience.
  • Ability to develop basic models and simulations using modern software development languages, processes, and tools, including configuration management and quality control.
  • Ability to present and convey results within a wide range of stakeholder communities.
  • Demonstrated in-depth knowledge of general M&S concepts and broadly applicable methods.

Application Process