NTSA presents several scholarships at I/ITSEC each year, through the RADM Fred Lewis and Leonard P. Gollobin Postgraduate Scholarship programs and the Barbara McDaniel Undergraduate Scholarship program. Under the RADM Fred Lewis and Leonard P. Gollobin Scholarship programs, awards are offered at the Masters level in the amount of $5,000, and at the Doctoral level in the amount of $10,000. The Barbara McDaniel Scholarship program offers awards at $10,000 per selected university. 

The scholarships are offered to stimulate student interest and university participation in preparing individuals for leadership in the Modeling & Simulation, Training and Education communities. By investing in our future workforce, these Scholarships encourage expansion of the I/ITSEC community and promote innovation through direct investment in our community’s future leaders.

Please visit the I/ITSEC website for additional scholarship information and 2021 scholarship application details.

Scholarship Recipients for 2020

30th Annual RADM Fred Lewis I/ITSEC Postgraduate Scholarship

Jack Miller, Doctoral Candidate, Mechanical Engineering, Iowa State University
Sara Beadle, Doctoral Candidate, Human Factors Psychology, Clemson University
Adam Kohl, Doctoral Candidate, Mechanical Engineering & HCI, Iowa State University
Julie Kent, Doctoral Candidate, Modeling & Simulation, University of Central Florida
Lee Lisle, Doctoral Candidate, Computer Science, Virginia Tech
Alexandra Kaplan, Doctoral Candidate, Human Factors & Cognitive Psychology, University of Central Florida
Emily Rickel, Masters Student, Human Factors, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Mark Schiferle, Masters Student, Mechanical Engineering, SUNY Buffalo

3rd Annual Leonard P. Gollobin Postgraduate Scholarship

Elisa Torres, Doctoral Candidate, I/O Psychology, George Mason University
Morgan McCombs, Masters Student, Computation for Design and Optimization, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

1st Annual Barbara McDaniel Undergraduate Scholarship

Tyler Young, Full Sail University
Chase Henderson, Full Sail University
Matthew Barrett, Wright State University
Zachary Carpenter, Wright State University
Alex Lewin, Auburn University
DeMarcus Campbell, Auburn University