I/ITSEC Best Paper & Tutorial Awards

Each year at I/ITSEC, awards are presented for the Best Paper and the Best Tutorial. Winners of these coveted, highly prestigious awards are honored for their achievements during the event. For more information and Best Papers and Tutorials archive, please visit the I/ITSEC website.

2021 Best Paper & Tutorial Nominees

Best Paper Nominees

ID: 21229
Subcommittee: Education
Title: Form From Function: Applying Flow Driven Experiential Learning to the Integration of Immersive Technology in Formal Military Aviation Training Programs
Authors: Andrew Clayton, Ph.D., Nancy Taylor

ID: 21207
Subcommittee: ECIT
Title: Optimizing Optimizations: A Two-Stage Neural Network Approach for Leveraging Optimality in Time-Sensitive Solutions
Authors: Matthew McLaughlin

ID: 21136
Subcommittee: HPAE
Title: Augmented Reality in Tactical Combat Casualty Care: Physiological Ramifications
Authors: Claire Hughes, Kay Stanney, Ph.D., Cali Fidopiastis, Ph.D., Angelica Jasper

ID: 21301
Subcommittee: PSMA
Title: Gender Equity in an Evolving Work Environment
Authors: Nina Deibler, Susan Hartman, Jeffrey Coulter

ID: 21310
Subcommittee: Simulation
Title: Simulation for Women, Peace and Security Training
Authors: Neil Sleevi, Jumanne Donahue, Ph.D., Melvin Cape, LisaRe Babin, Ph.D., Shanda Lauer, Ph.D., Heath (Hank) Brightman, Howard Lee

ID: 21103
Subcommittee: Training
Title: Attention and Engagement in Virtual Environments: Measuring the Unobservable
Authors: Benjamin Bell, Ph.D., Winston “Wink” Bennett, Ph.D., Elaine Kelsey, Benjamin Nye, Ph.D.

Best Tutorial Nominees

ID: 2101 
Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) – Innovating Modeling & Simulation (M&S) to Revolutionize the Future of Transportation
Kevin Hulme, Ph.D., Panagiotis Anastasopoulos, Ph.D., Stephen Still, Ph.D., Grigorios Fountas, Ph.D., Rachel Su Ann Lim, Sheikh Ahmed, Irina Benedyk, Ph.D.

ID: 2105
A Comprehensive Introduction to Medical Simulation
Roger Smith, Ph.D., Danielle Julian, Alyssa Tanaka, Ph.D.

ID: 21032
Addressing the Challenges of Rigorous Simulation Validation
Simone Youngblood, Mikel D. Petty, Ph.D.